Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Offutt Air Show

What we learned at the air show....
  • Bring camping chairs or at least a blanket to sit on...perhaps it isn't worth it to go until we are stroller-less because that is a lot of cargo to haul around.
  • Remember sun-screen, water bottles, cash or be prepared to get some sun, be thirsty or stand in a very long ATM line. Don't worry, the kids were set but Landon and I, not so much.
  • The shuttle ride to and from the air show was better then the actual air show for Kinnie.
  • When we fly home for Christmas we need to be prepared for Kinnie who may be terrified to get on the airplane. She was nervous to walk through the airplanes on display because she thought they were going to go into the sky.
  • All of the really cool airplanes fly in the afternoon. We dealt with smaller crowds and didn't have to wait for a shuttle for an hour but we missed the Thunderbirds and the other fast airplanes.
  • It was free, it was entertaining, I think we would do it again.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Is Summer really almost over?

We had fun playing in the fountains with some friends down by the river. Andrew loved just walking around, hanging out, occasionally getting splashed by the water, eating crackers and climbing the stairs.

It took Kinnie a good half hour to warm up to the idea getting wet but once I forced, or showed her how fun it was to get wet, she was set and had lots of fun.

This one is so funny. You can see the water just starting to squirt out and she knows it's coming!

Couldn't miss out on this photo opportunity. One of Kinnie's friends little sister had the same swimsuit.

There won't be too much more of this going on which makes me kind of sad. I love the fall and I always look forward to it but I am really dreading winter and all that it has, or doesn't have, to offer. According to everyone that lives in, has lived in, or knows someone that lives in, or has lived in Omaha, winters are not to look forward to. We better make the most of this glorious weather!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Utah Highlights

Driving out of Parley's....ahhhhh, home!

A party at my Uncle's house for his son and family who are moving to that would be hard! Kinnie and her great-grandma Betty, they missed each other.

Enjoying some swimming at Murray Pool

Andrew pulls out his GQ modeling poses


Owen and Kinnie relaxing. They played really hard!

Hours and hours and hours of playing on the beach

Just hangin' out

Hangin' out some more

Aunt Lindie asking Andrew where his nose is, he almost got it that time.

The day we got to Bear Lake Andrew decided he was a walker. The only time he would crawl would be to get to something to help him stand up so he could keep walking.

Grandpa Bell making things fun. Kinnie was hesitant to sit on the banana but "Gampa" Bell made it all okay.

Fun at Thanksgiving Point Farm. Feeding the silly goats with Grandma Bruschke

Riding a real horse for the first time! She was in love


Liberty Park. Andrew DID NOT want to sit on a carousel horse!

I braided Kinnie's hair for the first time

Swimming at Landon's cousins house

The Bruschke cousins

Having fun at Grandma and Grandpa Bell's house.
Aunt Lindie is a lot of fun to be with!

Enjoying a bbq at George Washington Park up Parleys.
Kinnie, Andrew and Owen

Are we going to make it until Christmas to see everyone again? I hope we are just so busy that the time goes by really quickly and maybe before we know it December 18 will be here. I am getting ready for the fall weather. When we drove to Omaha back in May it was so beautiful and green. This time as we drove back it was more yellow and brown and the corn had grown a lot. I am excited for the cooler weather and the fall festivities.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home Again

WoW, gone for a whole month! We just got back a few hours ago from a one month vacation in Salt Lake. It was great. We had such a great time with friends and family and will miss everyone so much. The trip was fun, it was memorable, it was long, we are happy to be home. I sort of forgot we had a life back here in Omaha, I almost even forgot we had a dishwasher. I am excited to get back into a routine again. This was on our way to Salt Lake one month ago, it wasn't any different on the way home except for the fact that these little squirts are now a whole month older! They both grew up a whole bunch while away and I will post some more pictures of the highlights of our trip soon. Is it bedtime yet?...