Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Girl

Kinnie these days...

  • She is terrified of lawn mowers and car washes. She is very aware of noises around her. I guess she might be kind of jumpy like her mom.

  • She is a very good communicator. Although she isn't saying too many words I always know what she wants or needs because she can communicate so well through her actions.

  • She has started saying "no" instead of just shaking her head if she doesn't want something. As of now, it is a very sweet "no" and hopefully that doesn't change into a mean "no."

  • She loves talking about the baby in my tummy. We talk about how she can help me get him dressed, and how we can read books to him, give him binkys and blankets. When I stop talking she says more. Then she gets her baby doll and takes care of it. She may not know what is really coming but for now she likes the idea...

  • Her favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, and cheese.

  • She loves being outside, swinging, jumping on trampolines, playing in sandboxes, going down slides, playing in the water. She is an outdoor girl.

  • She loves to wear her church shoes. I think mostly because she can put them on all by herself and feels so proud...

  • She still loves to help me do things around the house and even reminds me to clean up sometimes when we leave the room.

  • She has her daddy's good sense of humor and keeps us laughing all of the time. She has her moments of frustration but for the most part is such a good girl. I love her SO MUCH!