Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monkey Boy

I believe it is time for an Andrew update. He is a monkey and he is growing up way too fast. I can't believe he will be going into nursery in a month! When I had Kinnie I finally realized what it meant to have time move so quickly. With Andrew, I feel like time has started going even faster. He is growing up so fast, I guess it has a lot to do with having an older sibling and wanting to keep up with her as much as he can so he does everything in his power to be just like her.
  • He loves to lay on Kinnie's bed with her every night while I tell a story or sing a song. Tonight while I told a story he was acting way into it and saying a jaw dropping "ah" when i would finish a part of the story.
  • He loves to go to the pantry and bring out chips or cereal or crackers, anything he can reach. Sometimes he will get himself a bowl and put some of the food in it (and sometimes he dumps the whole bag out on the floor...stinker).
  • He has become so independent/stubborn. He wants to do everything by himself. I can't open a ziploc bag for him until he either gets it or has had a good few minutes to work on it. He gets so mad when I break things into pieces for him or try to help feed him.
  • He calls a horse a "go." His favorites are "baby, mama, dada, and here go." When he hands us something or needs help with something he says "here go" over and over and over until we take it or help him.
  • He is constantly doing what Kinnie does, it is so cute and I love to hear them laughing and playing. There is of course a lot of crying and not sharing and Andrew has started hitting.
  • When he gets really frustrated and wants us to know he is mad he runs off turns around and looks at us and hits his face a few times over. Kind of sad, but kind of cute.
  • He has to sit on the potty every night after the bath. He sometimes even acts like he is really trying to go and then he will laugh.
He is such an independent, happy, playful, stubborn, sweet, and lovable little boy.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It Snowed!

The first snowfall began last night around 6 o'clock. Kinnie was so so so excited! She wanted to go out and play in it so bad.

In the morning we got all bundled up to go out and play. Kinnie couldn't wait and Andrew had no idea what we were about to do.

We made a snowman. Kinnie gathered the rocks and sticks. Andrew didn't last very long. His hat (my hat) kept falling in his eyes and was making him sad. He also didn't like falling in the snow.

And of course here are some turkeys that randomly show up every once in awhile. I think we counted 16 at one point.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

It was fun this year with Andrew being more aware of the holiday. He is so scrumptious in his costume and I was glad he had a lot of opportunities to wear it. Despite being sick with runny noses and coughs they had a good time trick-or-treating. Kinnie had fun this year and Andrew caught on very quickly. Good times, but I am glad it is over. Looking forward to Thanksgiving (and my kids not being sick).