Thursday, November 1, 2012

We've got a sitter!

Sidney decided to sit up yesterday.  It always seems to happen overnight.  The day before she didn't even seem close and then the next day she sat up for 5+ minutes.  How is she nearly 6 months old!? Kinnie and Andrew had a dentist appointment this morning and I scheduled their next appointment in 6 months, the day before little Sid turns 1!  The first year goes by so quickly it scares me!

Halloween Festivities

Trick-or-treating at the dental school

This is the most I ever dressed Sidney up...oh well.

Ward trunk-or-treat

A Halloween party that a friend of ours puts on every year.  Andrew was feeling shy in front of all of the parents trying to get a picture :)

Getting ready to carve pumpkins

Our jack-o-lanterns

 Kinnie singing some Halloween songs at a local rest home around the block from her preschool.  It was so crowded I couldn't get any good pictures!

Halloween night!