Friday, June 5, 2009

Mumble Jumble

I am loving the weather lately, it is saving me from a lot of discomfort. I wish it could stay like this for at least a couple of more weeks but I know that is highly unlikely especially considering the fact that writing this is now going to jinx the nice run of rain, wind and dark clouds we have been having. I don't mind the heat when there is a pool or a lake or an ocean nearby or at least some good shade to sit under and when I am not pregnant. I LOVE the smell of rain and the sound of thunder. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

I keep wishing for the days to move more quickly. I am so excited and anxious and ready to be done with being pregnant. I feel guilty for saying so, but it is true, I want the baby to be here. I want to lay on my stomach, have more than just three shirts to wear, and stop relying on Prilosec (just to name a few). I have decided I shouldn't wish time away though. I have to realize that by the time the baby is here summer will be half way over, Kinnie will be a month older, Landon will be starting school, and winter will be just around the corner (sort of). And then the baby will start growing and not be a little baby anymore and I will wish that time would slow down. I have been working on Kinnie's photo album and can't believe that she was at one time a little baby and is now 21 months.

We have been "stuck" inside the last few days. Kinnie is discovering new things about the world and is a little apprehensive about them. I would have never thought that my outdoor girl would not want to go outdoors. It is troubling me a little bit and I am hoping it is just a small phase she is going through. She does not like lawn mowers, she doesn't really even want to watch someone mowing a lawn even if we are "safe" inside our house. She does not like the wind, she looks up at the trees and leaves blowing in the wind, points to the door and says a very worried "no". A couple of days ago Landon was helping my dad and uncle trim some trees and bushes for my grandma next door. The chain saw and tree trimmer were loud but we watched for a little bit and now I swear she is scared to go outside because of the huge piles of branches and bushes in the street. I even try to lure her outside with bubbles and popsicles and she doesn't go for it. Has anybody ever had their child be scared to go outside?...

Kinnie loves my Grandma Betty and my Grandma Betty adores Kinnie. It has been so great living next to them. My grandma calls Kinnie "Rosebud" and it is so fun to watch how much Kinnie enjoys seeing my grandma. She loves to show off her toys for her and is so comfortable around her. Usually the grandkids are a little timid of her around this age but Kinnie adores her. Yesterday my 87 year old stubborn grandma was putting her husband to work by cleaning the windows. She has her husband take down the screens and wash them off. Supposedly the screens are "fragile" and she didn't want Landon or I to do it. While he was doing that she said she was going to come wipe our door down while piece of glass was out of it. I insisted on doing it and there was no way she was going to let me. She is amazing. She still weeds, edges the lawn, vaccums, and keeps her house sparkling clean. So Kinnie and I just watched.