Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Amazin', So Amazin'!

1. It is amazing that I made chocolate chip cookies that taste decent! I almost messed the recipe up but I caught my mistake and did not mess it up. Seriously, I have messed up plenty recipes because I have forgotten to add this or that but I took a bite and was pleasantly surprised. I have made cookies that are flat like pancakes because I didn't add enough flour. I have made cookies that taste completely like flour because I tried to add more flour after it was too late. I would love to bake more often and this gives me hope!

2. Andrew has been taking great naps the last three days, it is amazing! Three days ago he took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon, yesterday was 1 1/2 hours and today, so far, he has taken two 1 1/2 hour naps. This also gives me hope! He usually takes 3 half hour naps a day so it really is amazing to me. I am not sure what is going on but I am hoping that he is finally catching on to the whole sleeping thing. And if not, I will try and be grateful for these three days that I have had that all needed precious me time.

3. It would be amazing if I wrote a post that didn't include my kids. I needed to vacuum today but I was a little hesitant because it scares Andrew. So I was telling Kinnie that I would probably just hold him while I vacuumed because I didn't want him to be sad. Kinnie was sitting on the couch and said "mice hode Anjoo" meaning "I'll hold Andrew." I put him in her lap and warned he that he might cry and if he does I will get him. It had been awhile since I had taken a picture of Kinnie holding Andrew. I was amazed at how big he looked sitting in her lap. They are both growing up so so so so fast, and it amazes me so so so so much!

This picture is a little more proportioned and doesn't make Andrew look quite as big...

4. If you don't have the "Amazing" song by Kanye West stuck in your head, it's amazing! I can't get the chorus out of my head!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

As of Late

Landon had a really nice, long break between fall and spring semester. We tried to get out and do things and swimming was one of the things we did. I thought we were crazy taking Andrew but he loved splashing around in the water. Kinnie loves the water too. It was a fun little outing, and little it was. The kids got cold quick!

Andrew's first sink bath. He got very messy eating a biter biscuit and I didn't want to torture him by trying to wipe off all of the thick, crusty cracker off his face and hands. He loved being able to play with the running water.

Proof of his messiness. He LOVES those biter biscuits! He is a super eater and so far has only gagged on peas, I don't blame him. Anything with bananas in it seems like his favorite. And he doesn't mind prunes...thankfully.

Ever since Andrew was really little, probably like 2 months, he has lifted his head up like this to check out what is going on around him. It always cracks me up. HE cracks me up! Just tonight when he was sitting in his bouncy seat he started nodding his head up and down while opening and closing his mouth. He was being so funny. He absolutely loves Kinnie. Sometimes he just hears her voice and starts laughing so hard and looks for her like crazy. He has such a happy, sweet, playful personality. I am so in love with him, we all are.

1:00 church is a bit hard on Kinnie. She was so tired after church she fell asleep in Andrew's chair while I was making dinner. The good thing lately though...she has been going to nursery! Finally at 29 months she is going to nursery. We tried and tried to get her to go. Then Andrew came and she had a break, then we tried some more and gave up. We started just taking her to Sunday school with us. When the new year started we asked her if she wanted to go and she has gone three times in a row! We are so proud of her. And I think she really loves it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First 2010 Post

Lately Kinnie has been doing some of this...

Just a little bit of this...

Quite a bit of this (she is watching Barney)...

Lately Andrew has been doing a little bit of this...

Some of this...

And a whole lot of this...

Kinnie is taking the potty thing very slowly but I am not to the point of really getting down to business. When Landon goes outside to shovel she wants to go too so we get her all ready. Pants, coat, gloves, hat and boots. Then she stays out for about 5 minutes tops and is done. I can't wait to take her sledding this year. She loved it last year and I think will love it even more this year. She still loves Barney and wants to watch it everyday.

Andrew decided he could sit up. I swear just a few days ago he wasn't able to and then yesterday I gave it another try and he did pretty good. I love this age when they start to sit up and become more playful. He is growing up and that milestone of sitting up makes him seem so old. He is getting big way too fast! His personality is happy, cuddly, and playful unless of course he is hungry, tired or bored.

Happy New Year's to everyone and good luck with the resolutions. I have not made any yet and I think I might give it a try this year...maybe.