Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time for an Update

Andrew loves bath time. When I lay him on his towel in the bathroom and the water is running he starts kicking his legs really fast and laughing. He gets so excited and loves it so much. He laughs and kicks his legs in the water too. It is great!

Andrew is about 7 lbs. less than Kinnie, can you tell? I can tell he loves his big sister. He loves to watch her play and smiles at her, it is pretty stinkin' cute!

Andrew has started playing with toys. I always get excited for his next big step, like rolling over and sitting up, and eating baby food. But I always forget how quickly those things will be here and then I will want him to be a little baby again. It really is amazing how fast things change. Having children is probably the quickest way to make time pass quickly. I can think back to when Landon and I were first married, both in school, managing apartments...it seems like forever ago! I think back to the day when Kinnie was born and it seems like she turned 2 overnight.

Kinnie is talking so much. It seems as if she has a new word or phrase everyday. One of her latest and greatest phrases are "Wanna go Magga's home." Meaning I want to go to Grandma's home. Then she continues on and says "Packa dare?" Is Grandpa there? "Ninny dare?" Is Lindie there?

Here is what she did with her baby dolls so they could watch her dancing.

Watching Barney. BJ was a superhero on this episode so she wanted a cape like him, well I guess the cape was my idea...

But the goggles were hers. BJ had goggles too. She cracks me up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A cute little baby boy can be seen here...laurabruschke.blogspot.com. Check out Andrew's "sweet cheeks." I can't wait to see the rest! Laura, you are amazing, thank you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

1. Photo shoot
Check out my sister-in-laws photo blog for a sneak-peek of a cute little two year old...laurabruschke.blogspot.com. She is an amazing photographer! It is hard to get Kinnie's personality to come out sometimes but she had no problem capturing Kinnie's little personality. Kinnie was seriously laughing so hard at the funny things Laura was doing and even at the end when she was being uncooperative Laura still managed to capture some good shots.

2. Nose-bleed
We went to the preseason Jazz game last night with a few other dental school students and their families. It was not a good way to meat some of Landon's classmates and their families. I was able to meat one other wife because she was sitting next to us, but sitting at a Jazz game on the very last row of the top section with a 2 year old who wanted to go home two minutes after we sat down and an almost 3 month old does not make for good socializing. It was hard for me to even pay attention to the game and fun things going on down on the court when they are the size of ants, so I could understand why Kinnie wasn't too into it. Luckily they were free tickets so we didn't feel bad leaving early. I couldn't believe how steep the stairs and seats were in that top section. I thought I would maybe have to go down the stairs backwards, like a ladder, or slide down on my rear.

3. Tantrum911
Has anyone ever really used Tantrum911? I saw a commercial for this product the other day that is supposed to stop your child from having a tantrum. Supposedly your child smells this "stuff" and it stops their tantrum. I don't get it! What crazy stuff could just stop a tantrum just like that? I thought it was weird but maybe I don't know enough about it. I think it would be a weird concept to teach your child. Here, smell this "stuff" and it will make you feel better and make all of your anger go away, hmmm.

4. Some recent pictures

Andrew is doing great. He is a happy happy baby. He is so smiley. Even when it is the middle of the night and I am changing his diaper he is smiling up at me. He has started loving his baths and usually laughs and kicks his legs really fast. Lately Kinnie has been saying "oh coot (cute) baby." She loves to give him kisses and give him toys. She thinks it is pretty funny when he sucks on his hands or makes funny little noises.

I am loving his blue eyes!

Playing Grandma Bruschke's piano.

She thought it was pretty cool to be sitting in a big girl swing.