Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Andrew is 3!

Can you believe it?  My buddy boy is getting so big.  We opened presents in the morning so that he didn't have to be tortured all day wondering when he could open them.  Landon was going to sleep downstairs with the kids the night before but it ended up that the kids wanted to be in their own beds...funny kids.  So we left the mattress up and they had fun on it in the morning.  Andrew could have played with his new toys all day, oh wait he did!  We took him to McDonalds play place for lunch but we might as well have just stayed home.  He just wanted to go home to play with his garbage truck.  We had cupcakes with blue frosting (his request) in the afternoon and got a classic video of him being terrified of the candles.  He is terrified of fire!  It will be a gem to watch someday.  

We love our Andrew boy!  He is stubborn and has a mind of his own but is so sweet and playful.  You can't tell him to do anything he doesn't want to do and he is so particular.  His best friend is Kinnie and he loves to play and pretend with her.  He loves all things boy but loves playing house and taking care of baby dolls with Kinnie too.  He has the most contagious laugh.  I can't help but laugh when I hear him laughing his guts out.  I can't wait to see what this next year brings for him as he continues to grow and learn! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


  • She is such a smiley baby.  She used to smile the biggest in the morning but now her smiles last all day.  Sometimes I will be talking to one of the kids or Landon and I will look down and she is just starring at me and smiling so big.  Her whole face smiles and I can't get enough of it.
  • She giggled a couple of weeks ago.  She was smiling so big that a laugh came out.  She has since giggled when getting in the bath and when we tickle her under her chin (sometimes).  
  • She is such a talker.  She loves to coo and "talk" to me.  She really gets going sometimes.  What happened to our newborn?
  • She has a birthmark underneath her hairline on the back of her neck.  I love that it is in a secret spot.
  • She has dimples!  Mostly on her right cheek when she gives a little half smile.  It sometimes appears when she is crying too.  One of the nurses in the delivery room noticed her dimple about 5 seconds after she was born.
  • She is a cuddly little baby.  I think if I let her she would lay on my shoulder all day.    I love that I can pick her up and calm her down just by cuddling her, well either that or feeding her.
  • She does not like binkies or to be swaddled.  I have bought all different kinds of binkies to see if she liked any of them and she doesn't.  I keep trying though.
  • Her hair is starting to grow on top of her head.  It is such soft little peach fuzz.  I wonder how fast it will grow.  Andrew was bald for that first year and Kinnie's hair took awhile to grow too.
  • She has seen a lot on her little life...she is definitely the 3rd child.  Being dragged around to so many different places.  She is such a trooper and content to be taken all around. 
We love our happy, smiley, baby girl!

Our 4th

Our 4th included:
the wading pool
a family water fight
lots of Star Wars
BBQ'd hamburgers
more wading pool
root beer floats

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Aunt Lindie

Thank you for making the LONG drive back to Omaha with us after Layton and Lauren's wedding.  You will probably never want to make that drive again!  We felt so lucky to have you and are so grateful that you would come and spend time with us.  Kinnie and Andrew had so much fun with you.  You were always there to play with them, from wake-up time to sleepy time.  Saved By the Bell was so much fun to watch with you and I loved going to bed every night knowing that you were downstairs cracking up at it, and hearing about it the next morning.  We had so much fun with you at the gardens, the zoo, swimming, the bridge, Landon's school, the Winter Quarter's Temple and Mormon Trail Center...and anything else we did!  You were so much fun to be with, you are so easy-going, happy, kind and pleasant to be around.  We love you and can't believe you were actually here and brave enough to fly home all by yourself!  We love you Lindie, thank you for being with us!!