Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

Dying Easter eggs

He really liked to stir and stir and stir the eggs.

This was the Easter Egg hunt at the complex where we live.  The playground had hundreds of eggs all over the grass.  The eggs were gone in about 5 seconds.  A LOT of kids live here, I couldn't believe it.  This is before the "hunt."  If it was after, Kinnie would have been making a grumpy face.  She was a little freaked out when the lady in charge said "Ready, go!"  She only got 2 eggs because she was so intimidated by all of the kids and commotion.

Ready for church

Friday, April 22, 2011

She LOVED it!

Well, Kinnie had her dance recital.  And guess what?  She loved every minute of it.  I really didn't know what to expect from her.  And honestly, I would have been happy if she would have gotten up on that stage and just stood there, but she actually danced and smiled and had fun.  I almost can't describe my feelings.  It is just so amazing to see your child accomplish something so new.  Earlier in the day when I was talking to her about the recital and seeing if she had any questions she said "I'm just curious about the clapping."  She just didn't quite know what to expect from it all.  She didn't dance perfectly, she got a little distracted, but she was so excited and tried her very best.  Click here to see one of her dances.  That night when we got home she was pretending to teach Andrew how to dance and she wanted to play "stage."  We watched it on the video camera and I said "Kinnie I am so proud of you it just brings tears to my eyes.  I am proud that you followed your teacher and smiled and danced."  She said "Ya I was smiling a lot and my cheeks felt like there were going to like, like, like fall off."  She DID smile a lot last night!

Kinnie and her good friend Hallie.

Before the program started the older class had to practice something and you could see their feet moving around under the curtains.  She kept going over to the stage and would ask me what they were doing and when it would be her turn to go up on the stage.

Kinnie with her dance teacher.  She LOVES her teacher!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Kinnie has had a lot of fun being in a dance class this year.  It has been perfect.  Low-key, once a week, a sweet/nice/fun teacher, a little tap, a little ballet and a pixie stick at the end of every class.  Her recital is this Thursday and then it is over until the fall.  My prediction for the recital is that she will freeze, and probably rub her arm under her nose (something she does when she is nervous), and hopefully she doesn't cry!  Who knows, maybe she will surprise me and be totally fine.  She gets super emberrased though and sometimes gets upset and cries if Landon and I cheer when she does something worth cheering for.   I do know one thing though, she is going to look stinking cute up there on stage whether she is smiling and dancing or just standing there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Serum Sickness

Have you ever wondered what an allergic reaction to amoxicillin looks like?  It might look a little bit like this...

Andrew had a fever Tuesday night and these red bumps on his legs Wednesday morning.  The doctor said it was a reaction to the amoxicillin he had been on for almost a week.  By the time we had our doctor's appointment it had spread up onto his tummy and arms and by that evening it looked like this.

You should have seen it the next day, it was even worse!  Bulls-eye welts all over his body!  If you are really curious as to what that looks like, look up serum sickness.  The doctor I had to see on Thursday because my doctor wasn't in told me it was either serum sickness or erythema multiforme.  He figured it was the latter and told me I could probably stop giving him benadryl and didn't really give me too much information.  He said it could be a reaction to a lot of things.  Andrew's regular doctor was surprised I had stopped giving him benadryl.  She said it was for sure a reaction to the medication and he had a serum sickness reaction.  The pictures on the Internet look exactly like his rash.  I love his doctor!  She is genuine and she cares!  

And by today it had covered his head.  Poor guy!  His joints, hands, and feet were swollen and at one point his eyes were almost swollen shut.  He was itchy and so so miserable. 

His doctor prescribed him some oral steroids and they seem to be helping.  I am sure the doctor's office was so sick of me calling and asking questions but I was so surprised that the red bumps on his legs turned into what it did.  I hope he just keeps getting better and better.  It is so sad to see him like this!