Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sitting on Santa's Lap

Santa Claus made an appearance at our ward Christmas party.  All of the kids had to stand in a line and sing "Jingle Bells" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" in order for the curtains to open on the stage.  Kinnie was nervous.  All day she talked about not knowing if she should sit on Santa's lap.  I love how she is looking at the older kids and how Andrew doesn't really know what they are doing.

We got in line and as we got closer she got more and more excited to sit on his lap.  And if Kinnie is excited, Andrew is excited.  I am glad they both did it.  It was kind of funny though because she was nervous about what she would tell Santa and guess what?  Santa didn't say anything!  I actually thought maybe he just forget to say something to her because they were taking pictures and stuff.  So I took her in front of a nice boy in our ward to see if she could tell Santa what she wanted and same thing...he just plopped her on his lap for the picture and didn't say anything!  I was really bugged and Kinnie was sort of confused.  I just told her he probably didn't ask her what she wanted because he already knew from the letter we sent him.


Kinnie is loving the snow this year.  She always wants to go play in it.  On Friday I took some cookie sheet lids out to sled on and it sort of worked, but the kids loved it.  On Saturday Landon took the kids out to buy them a sled.  We knew it would probably get some pretty good use.  Here is our first time using the new sled.  We have an awesome hill right across the street from us!

Kinnie's Dance Recital

Kinnie and her good friend Addy

At the end of every dance class, Kinnie's teacher has each girl stand in a hoola-hoop and say "I'm wonderful!" and then they curtsy.  I love how special it makes each girl feel.  Her teacher had each girl do it at the end of the recital so they could show their parents.

Kinnie and her good friend Hallie

Kinnie with her teacher Chalise

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another update

Getting ready to play in the first REAL snowstorm here.  Kinnie played in it for about an hour and a half, until we had to make her come inside.  Andrew lasted a good half hour, I was surprised.  He came in looking kind of miserable and in a daze.

I frosted, they decorated.  Kinnie told me where she wanted everything and I put the frosting on.  They are very proud of their gingerbread house.

Kinnie is counting down the days until we can go to Salt Lake.  She never forgets to take a link off of our chain...only 9 more days.  She is so incredibly excited for Christmas.  I love this age so much!  She keeps adding things to her list though and it is throwing me off.  At least I haven't done too much shopping yet and can still decide what she REALLY wants, and still keep it simple.  She is so excited for this baby and gives me hugs all of the time and rests her head on my tummy.  She lets me know everyday how excited she is for the baby to come.  It is going to be a long wait!

Andrew is loving life.  He is hilarious lately and the best part is that he thinks he is so funny and cracks himself up.  The other night when he was crawling off the top bunk to get into his, he was telling Kinnie goodnight, just like every night.  But he said "No night night Ninnie (Kinnie)" over and over and was laughing so hard.  Yesterday as I was upstairs I heard him singing a song downstairs that went like this "Caillou, Barney, Boos Poos (Blue's Clues)" over and over.  He loves to "chrackle" (tackle) Landon and run around.  He is still so sensitive and has the saddest face when he cries.  I love to watch him brush his tears away.

Landon just started finals yesterday.  He is also REALLY excited to have a break and to go home for Christmas.  I don't even know how he does it.  How he studies for so many tests I will never know.  I remember in college feeling like 3 or 4 finals was soooo much and felt so sorry for myself.  The good thing is, is that he is really enjoying dentistry.

I am counting down the days until Thursday.  I am so excited to find out if baby is a boy or a girl but I am most excited to know how baby is doing.  Landon has two tests that afternoon so it will be weird to be all alone for that appointment.  These first 18 weeks have gone by so slowly so I hope after Christmas that things pick up.