Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Now She Knows

We finally told Kinnie about the big move. Every time I thought about telling her I would get sick to my stomach. It breaks my heart because she loves her grandparents soooooo much and literally everyday asks if she can go to magga Bo's or magga Brushy's house. We didn't want to make a huge deal about it since it is so early for her little mind to comprehend completely but we at least wanted to let her know about it. I broke the news to her last week while Andrew was asleep. I explained it simply and held back the tears. She listened really intently while I talked about it. If you ask her about it she talks about how we will put all of our things, TV, couch, bed, etc., into a big truck and how we will drive really fast and really far to Omaha. She came up with the fast part...and of course she remembers me telling her how there is a really cool zoo there. Who knows what she understands but I am glad she is focusing on the truck part and the zoo part.

Andrew is desperately wanting to be mobile. He is constantly lunging forward for things and reaching and grabbing and getting really frustrated! He is starting to pull up on things a little but for the most part he is just sitting. I have a feeling he is going to be into everything though when he starts to move and Landon and I will be shocked. We never had to baby proof with Kinnie, we didn't need a gate for the stairs, or cupboard locks, we never had to move fragile objects out of her reach. Even though she crawled early on she just wasn't super curious. But Andrew seems like a curious little monkey who might be really good at finding things and moving things and getting into things. He continues to love his sister so much. He laughs if he hears her coming into the room and laughs so hard when she is silly for him. I am completely in love with him more and more everyday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Tricks

If you dump your stash of nail polish bottles out onto the floor to see what color you want to choose and the dark blue nail polish bottle breaks and the dark blue nail polish forms a saturated 3 inch diameter spot of dark blue nail polish onto your light tan get the idea...DO NOT WORRY! I am sure some of you may already know the magic trick to getting it out, but for those of you that don't, I will tell you. And no, it is not impossible, you do not have to re-carpet or rearrange your furniture to cover it up. All you need is this:

And this:It truly was magic! We worked on it for about an hour switching off between the Windex and the shaving cream. I wish we would have gotten a picture of it but we weren't quite in documenting mode.

If you happen to go to a restaurant and when you get up to leave feel a little bit stuck to the chair and realize you were sitting on a large wad of gum...DO NOT WORRY! Again, maybe you have your own tricks to getting that disgusting, sticky mess off your clothing but I was so amazed at how easily it came off of my pants! All you need is this...And some warmed up vinegar. I scrubbed it for about 15 seconds and it was gone. It really was so amazing.

Perhaps you know these tricks and more, but I am grateful for these tricks I learned to help make my life a little easier. Which reminds me that I need to tell you sometime how Kinnie thinks anything spectacular she does like standing on her head is a trick...