Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Andrew has hit one of those points in his life where it seemed like he changed overnight. Life is just going along and then BOOM, all of a sudden he has changed. He is just growing up is what it is, and it takes me by surprise when I have these moments of realization. He is way closer to being a 2 year old then he is a 1 year old, so when he does something that makes him seem so big I have to remind myself that he is in-fact almost 2.

So here is Andrew lately...

  • He refused to sit in his booster seat a few months ago. He has to sit in a big chair like everyone else.
  • He has to go up and down the stairs all by himself. Unless he really wants to hurry down the stairs on his tummy he insists on going down like a big boy.
  • He has to take a nap on Kinnie's bed and not his crib. (Do you catch a pattern going on? He is stubborn! And very independent.
  • He still loves his binky or his "b"
  • He has started saying "ya" and "okay." For example, ME "Close your eyes Andrew, go to sleep." ANDREW "Okay." Or ME "Andrew did you go to the store with Daddy?" ANDREW "Ya!"
  • He loves his sunglasses, putting Kinnie's headbands or crowns on his head, playing with his cars and trains, and riding his bike around the house
  • He loves to pretend to be a doggy. He gets down on all fours, pants like a dog and crawls over to you so you can pet him.
  • He loves seeing trucks and tractors while driving in the car. But loud trucks and noises scare him.
  • He is often singing. Who know what sometimes, but lately he tries to sing the ABC's or Itsy Bitsy Spider or I Love You.
  • He is still my cuddly little buddy.
  • He loves when Landon gets home from school and stands at the door saying "Daddy Daddy Daddy!"
  • He loves Kinnie. He loves to play with her and be with her and tease her and do everything she does.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tomorrow I am not going to do anything around the house unless it is for my kids. We are need of a day where I don't get this done or that done or where I say "in just a minute" or "we can do that later." Lately I just feel like I always need to be accomplishing something or that I need to be productive around the house and I put my kids second to all of these "things" that are just so "pressing". It is making me go crazy, so tomorrow I am not going to do anything for me. It is going to be all about Kinnie and Andrew. It won't be easy. There is always something to do right? Laundry, cleaning the house...honestly I feel like I sometimes just find random stuff to do and it can totally wait. I was short with the kids today and not exactly the nicest. Seriously if you don't believe me ask Kinnie, she will tell you. As she was going to bed she said "maybe you and me can be nicer tomorrow." I feel bad that she has to say that about her mommy. I also feel bad that she says that she needs to be nicer. Oh to be like a child. I hope I can make up for today and I am pretty sure tomorrow will be a better day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

For Now

If you asked me a year ago if I loved to cook I would have probably told you that I did not really enjoy cooking and although I still don't LOVE it, I am beginning to like it more and more everyday. I have been trying so many new recipes and having success for the most part, which gives me courage to try to new things. I love having a recipe and instructions but maybe someday I will be more like my Dad and just know how to whip something up!

Landon's sister is having a baby in about 10 days. My sister-in-law is having baby in about 4 weeks. It seems sad and unfair that we won't be able to meet these babies brand new! I am grateful for Skype which will hopefully help us "meet" them a little bit, but Skype just doesn't quite cut it and allows me to hold that little bundle of goodness in my arms.

Favorite thing that Andrew has learned to say: "Ninnie, way ah ooo?" Translation: "Kinnie, where are you?" He is getting to that repeating stage and I am loving his little voice. 2 years old in July!? Our baby boy is growing up!

Landon has been studying all weekend. I can't even believe or comprehend all of these words he has to memorize. For example "Benign lymphoepithelial lesion" or "papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum." He has a huge list of crazy words that he has to know. The really crazy part about it though is he knows what these words mean! What? My mind just explodes trying to read the word!

Spring is in the air! People are coming out of hibernation! It is about time and I think it actually may be here to stay. I love when the grass starts growing again and turning green. Hooray for SPRING!

Spring 08

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Quick Trip

We had planned on going to Salt Lake for spring break but a nasty bug hit us a few days before and left us feeling like this...

The weather wasn't very promising either so we had decided we better just stay home.
By Sunday night Landon had heard enough of me saying how sad it was that we couldn't go and it was too bad we had gotten sick and it was too bad the weather wasn't very good. But...guess what? Here we are driving into Park City! We left at 6:15 am and arrived that evening.

I think she was a little delirious from the 13 hour drive.

A little dazed and confused.

The main reason we went...to be with, play with, spend time with, have fun with family. Here is Kinnie and cousin Owen listening to story time at the library with Grandma Bell.

Working on their crafts afterwards...

Kinnie acting like a 5 year old trying to figure out Tetrus on Gameboy.

Andrew getting a little loopy and running from Grandpa pretending to be a dog.

Kinnie and "the girlies."

Andrew enjoying his ice cream.

It sure was great to see family. Kinnie had so much fun with everyone. It was a quick trip but we enjoyed every second of it and are so grateful that we were able to make it home. It is so hard to live away from the ones you love and we love these times that we get to spend with them. Thanks mom and dad for letting us take over your house and invading your rooms with toys and sippy cups and books! Until next time!