Thursday, March 21, 2013

Different Peas in the same Pod

This week I have pulled multiple tiny little objects out of Sidney's mouth.  It worries me!  I just can't believe how quick and sly she is about it.  I have always been paranoid about one of my babies choking on something, and she has made me extra worried.  I honestly don't think I ever had to pull things out of Kinnie's or Andrew's mouth.  She is her own person and has made me realize how different our children are from one another.  Parenting would be a pretty easy job if our kids were all of the same and  we could parent them all in the same way but that is definitely not the case.  They all develop, grow, learn, change, and experiment differently.  They each have their own personalities, difficulties, and needs.  I also don't think parenthood would be as fulfilling if it was easy.  I didn't realize how challenging, stressful, and hard having children would be (and I know it is just going to get harder) but I would never ever change anything or go back because it is the best, hardest thing Landon and I will ever do.  The most fulfilling, the most rewarding, the most enjoyable!

the culprit

Sidney loves Fisher

Sidney was obsessed with my parent's dog Fisher while we were visiting.  She couldn't keep her eyes off of him and was so interested in him.  She did this anytime she was sitting on the floor near him.