Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Musical Beds

Kinnie goes down for a nap at 1:30 pm on her bed. Andrew goes down for a nap at 1:40 pm on my bed. Andrew wakes up from his nap at 2:15 pm (his usual half hour nap)! Kinnie walks out of her room at 2:30 pm. She asks "Where daddy be?" I say "Daddy's at school, do you want to come lay on mommy's bed?" I put her on my bed and tell her to close her eyes. She falls back asleep on my bed, 2:35. I can tell Andrew is still tired. It is a miracle, he goes back to sleep. I put him in his crib and he sleeps for 5 min. He wakes up because his binky pops out or for some other reason. He falls back asleep, I decide what the heck, lets try Kinnie's bed. He sleeps for 5 more minutes.
I know it is stupid to be putting Andrew in all of these different places, totally inconsistent but trust me I have tried to be consistent and it doesn't work. I guess I have one of "those" babies that just doesn't sleep. He will be awake for 3 hours and take a half hour nap, I am learning to accept this as his schedule, it is hard, but I am trying. It is funny that I still have hope every time I put him down that he will sleep for at least an hour. And I think Kinnie is attempting to give up her naps, she has been taking one hour naps the past week when it used to be at least two.
I think I am going crazy! Hopefully Kinnie is not done with her naps and is just going through a weird phase. Maybe if we all took a nap together everyone would sleep a little bit longer, just don't know if I can give up that precious time when the kids are asleep to get things done...oh wait, I don't have that precious time anyways.
P.S. Any advice is welcome!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just thinking...

Tonight as I was putting the kids to bed I started thinking about some things I am grateful for. I have noticed on some people's blogs and facebook updates that they are listing things that they are grateful for and maybe that is kind of what got me thinking. It was Andrew's slobber on my arm that was glistening in the night light that got me thinking about the things I love.

I love how Andrew tries to suck on anything and everything, hence the slobber. He is a little slobbery goober, chunky, happy and smiley baby. I love his hands and toes and cheeks and soft skin, and everything about him. I love how he watches his big sister and smiles at her.

I love how Kinnie says "Hi baby Andrew" in the mornings, so excited to see him and talks to him like he is already old. Saying "Watch baby Andrew" and "Go out(outside) baby Andrew? Coat on?" I love that she loves her little brother. I love all of the new things she is learning and saying and playing.

I love that Landon makes me laugh. I have had a "woe is me" attitude lately. It has definitely been harder having two kids and I feel like I am just barely getting used to it. It is harder to get out of the house and it has been a long four months of not doing a whole bunch. There have been days when we don't even go outside, yuck! But I am just so grateful that I have an amazing husband and these things that I love, so that when there are a million dishes to do, the house is a mess, Andrew has been through four shirts in two hours, I don't have dinner planned, or my clothes aren't fitting right, all I have to do is remember Andrew's slobber on my arm to help keep everything in perspective.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Halloween

Firefighter Kinnie.
She has loved watching Elmo Visits the Firehouse the past few months. For awhile Kinnie wanted to watch it a few times a day. When she would be playing she would go and get my belt and pretend it was a hose and spray the water around the room. I thought a firefighter would be an exciting thing for her to be.

Andrew was a spider. Do I regret even buying him a halloween costume? Yes. Do I think it was worth the money just to get this cute picture? Yes. It was a silly costume but I think he pulled it off, and he even managed to give us a smile while being tortured.

Kinnie and cousin Owen. They had a fun time trick-or-treating together.

They got these fun disguises trick-or-treating. We took the opportunity and got some pictures of the two, hanging out in their disguises. I am sure they thought we were crazy and wondering what was so funny.

I think these pictures will be around for awhile.