Thursday, April 23, 2009

At the park...
Her favorite thing to do

Feeding the birds

Here is Kinnie eating a sour tangelo. I love how dramatic she can get...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kinnie Meets Uncle Layton!

On Wednesday we went to the airport to pick up Landon's brother who has been serving a mission in the Texas Houston East mission. When he left on his mission I was about 4 months pregnant with Kinnie, we were so excited for them to finally meet! The past few weeks we really tried to talk about Uncle Layton with Kinnie. We would ask her what she was going to do to Uncle Layton when he got home and she would put her head on her shoulder (as if she was giving him a hug).
This was Kinnie's expression the whole time at the airport, really, I don't think it ever changed. She was a little dazed and confused. It probably didn't help that she woke up to me at 8:05 am changing her diaper (because she wouldn't wake up to my voice or touch) and getting her dressed and saying we were going to see Uncle Layton and then rushing out the door 5 minutes later.

Kinnie and Owen had these cute signs made by their aunties...

Here is the hug that Kinnie said she was going to give Uncle Layton. It was short and sweet, but she did it! Notice her expression.

It is GREAT to have him back! We love you Layton!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Laughs for Dad

Kinnie thinks her dad is so incredibly funny! There is nothing better then to hear her laughing at something funny Landon is doing. Last night at the dinner table Landon had wadded up the tin foil from the baked potatoes and was juggling them and tossing them and making them bounce off the walls...and Kinnie was cracking up. I love to be able to watch that special interaction between her and Landon, to just sit and watch her as she intently waits for the next funny thing he is going to do. For some reason I can't tickle her the way her dad does or do funny things the way her dad does, no matter how funny I try to be. I love her laughs for her dad and I know that she loves him. She gets so excited when he gets home and she has time to play with him and show him her toys and read books with him. Sometimes she doesn't even see him in a day because she wakes up after he leaves for work and is in bed by the time he gets home, I can tell she loves the time she has with him. I am looking forward to this weekend because Landon took Saturday off work and will be able to be home with us...all day!