Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I really can't believe Andrew is 3 weeks old today! I could believe it if he was 2 weeks, but not 3! Pretty soon he is not going to be considered a newborn anymore. We are all in love with our little guy and I personally just can't get enough of him. He is such a sweet baby boy and is becoming more and more alert. He is really starting to fill out and chunk up. He loves to cuddle and make little puppy dog noises when he sleeps. I am doing so much better and was surprised at how quick everything turned around for me. It felt like one day all of my discomforts and troubles were gone. Not that what I went through was horrible but it was worrisome and I know some prayers were answered. I am so amazed at how well Kinnie has adjusted to Andrew and I can already tell they are going to be best buds. She was very proud that I was letting her hold him all by herself in this picture!

We had a fun time in Bear Lake this past weekend at a family reunion on Landon's side. We had fun being with family and enjoying the lake. Kinnie loved the lake, the sand, the playground, her aunts and uncle, grandma and grandpa, cousin Owen, playing on the grass and running around. I was horrible at taking a lot of pictures, I didn't even get one of Andrew on his first vacation which makes me really sad and I really regret it. Hopefully I will get over it soon. Here are a few fun pictures from the weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Thoughts

1. Why are you crying?

Everything is going great. It was a rough start at home. Andrew and I got home from the hospital Thursday morning...it was so great to get home, especially after Thursday morning at the hospital. I called the nurse for pain medication and after a half hour went by I called again for my pain medication. Another half hour went by and she finally walks in. She said they had an emergency across the hall (and I did hear some commotion so I believed her). So she looks at her computer screen and says she would need to call down to the pharmacy for some Prilosec. Okay, she obviously meant to say Percoset but since she had just had this emergency to deal with I thought I would let her off the hook. But no, she said it once more...so I said "You mean Percoset?" She looks at her screen and double checks and said they had me down for Prilosec. I told her I hadn't taken any Prilosec since my baby was born (hip hip hooray) and I really just wanted ibuprofen or percoset.

Later, my OB was in giving me the okay to go home. I was explaining to him that I was having extreme burning on one side while nursing. The dumb nurse happens to be in the room and asks if she may but in...are you kidding me? I am talking to my doctor! But go ahead and say what you have to say. She explains that when she had her children and her milk started coming in that she would have a pretty bad burning sensation when she nursed. I KNOW lady, this isn't my first baby and I know it hurts but my pain seemed different. I was so frustrated with her and became so flustered that I just looked back at my doctor and he just told me to use a hot wash cloth for the discomfort. I couldn't even talk to him about it. They left and I started crying, I knew the pediatrician would be in soon so I tried really hard to stop. Andrew's doctor walked in shortly after and started talking nonsense. Really, my head was not on right. She said something about Blue Ribbon levels and if I started talking I would just start crying so I just nodded my head and pretended I knew what she was talking about. I later realized she was talking about bilirubin levels!

I always thought it was protocol to be wheeled out of a hospital, but apparently it isn't. I was so confused when the above mentioned nurse told Landon to grab the car seat because I shouldn't be lifting it, I grabbed the diaper bag and Landon got my hospital bag and she stuck out her hand to have Kinnie hold it, I was surprised when Kinnie held it. She walked us down the hall to the elevator, down the hall and out of the hospital to our car. I really could not wait to get home!

Friday night I called the on-call doctor because the pain I was experiencing was not good. I explained to her some things and she prescribed me an antibiotic. She told me if the pain was not gone by tomorrow afternoon then I should go to the ER, if the pain was gone but I still had a lump then I could wait and see my OB in Monday. The pain did not go away and so I obeyed the on-call doctor and decided at 3:00 am Sunday morning while I was trying to nurse Andrew and things weren't getting any better that I would go to the ER. I told Landon to stay home with Kinnie and I would take Andrew. I filled out the basic information on the clip board, watched as a crazy guy came in bent over in pain, asking for water and saying he couldn't breath, sat across from a couple who were both coughing and started crying because I couldn't believe where I was and that I had my 5 day old baby with me! The ER doctor checked me, which was weird. What did I expect, some expert OB to walk in and heal me? He told me to just keep taking the anti-biotic and keep trying to nurse and pump. I lost it! I couldn't believe that was all he could tell me. I hate crying in front of people but I didn't even care, I just sat there bawling. The worst part, the doctor stood there and asked "Why are you crying?" I thought that was the dumbest question he could have asked. I didn't do too much explaining through my tears. I just wanted to get out of there! Luckily the anti-biotic must have started kicking in by Sunday night, but as for now I am pumping and giving Andrew bottles until I feel a little but more healed and ready to tackle nursing.

2. It is SO worth it

3. What are you smiling at?

Andrew smiles a ton in his sleep and he has even chuckled a few times. It makes me wonder what he is smiling at...how does he know how to smile and laugh. I ask him if Great Grandpa Bell and Great Grandpa Johnsen are making funny jokes.

4. Bed-Head

Kinnie is doing great! I am so proud of how well she is doing with the transition. She has quite a few late nights lately because it is sometimes just hard to get her to bed at a decent hour. This is her bed head in the morning.

5. Thank you for the help!

We have had lots of help. My mom has been here a couple of days to help out and keep Kinnie company while I get used to the new routine. My mom took her to the park and brought home some Wendy's. Landon's mom comes and gets her and takes her to her house to play with her aunties! Here is Kinnie waiting at the door, I think very excited to get out of our house for a break!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet Andrew Justin Bell

Andrew arrived at 7:15 pm on July 7, 2009. Weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz., 20 1/2 inches long.

Landon and I checked into the hospital at 7:40 am on Tuesday. We were excited and nervous for everything to begin! I was so nervous about being induced but felt really good about having my doctor there and going through with it. It was a really long day of waiting for him to get here but once he finally decided to come it wasn't long until we met him. After 9 hours of being in labor, I dilated from a 5 to a 10 in one hour, pushed 6 times and he was here! We were so thankful everything went well. It got a little scary when it started moving so fast because his heart rate went down and lots of nurses were coming in and out. My doctor was amazing and I was so happy he was there to deliver Andrew.

Kinnie loves her baby brother. She is a little emotional and sensitive with the transition but is doing so well and always wants to hold him and kiss him.

Andrew has found his thumb quite a few times. I wonder if he will keep it up...

Hanging out in the swing.
Andrew brought Kinnie a present when we came home from the hospital. Kinnie has her own baby doll now that she can take care of. She loves role playing with it and the fun thing about the baby is that it can get wet and Kinnie can take her in the bath, she hasn't had a doll like that yet. This is what Kinnie did when I said "say cheese."

Meeting Andrew for the first time. She was soooo cute when she met him.