Friday, September 28, 2012

Update on the littles

 Kinnie is loving preschool.  She is always excited to go and happy when she comes home.  She is learning the Pledge of Allegiance and she told me yesterday that her favorite centers at school is the math and science center and the house/play center.  She grew out of all of her shoes a couple of weeks ago and is excited that her hair is getting longer.  She is working hard on whistling, loves to play with play dough, and loves to draw and color.  

Andrew is enjoying his joy school, so far.  He was a little apprehensive when it was at another little boy's house.  I told him on the way there that he could tell his friend's mommy if he wanted to come home.  I had to go and get him a half hour early.  When I asked him why he wanted to come home he said "I am just tired."  He stayed the whole length the next time though.  I am so proud of him for being brave and making new friends.  He is working really hard on coloring lately and gets really proud of his work.  He loves to do puzzles, play with his bad/good guys, and play with Kinnie.  He gets so upset when Kinnie decides she is done playing.  He is also working on potty training, very very slowly, but he is working on it. 

Sidney is almost 5 months!!  She started eating rice cereal last week.  She was a little confused about it those first couple of tries but she really likes it now.  She decided to start officially rolling yesterday.  I knew it was official when she rolled over front to back and back to front about 10 times within 10 minutes.  The funny thing is, is that she had only rolled over before maybe 10 times in her life.  She always sleeps great at night.  I attribute that to her days of cat naps and being dragged around to take siblings to school, grocery shop, appointments, etc.  She knows when it is bedtime and sleeps hard at night.  Maybe someday we can get this little one into a schedule:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I threw it in the dumpster last night just like it was the $10 plastic pool that it was. It made me sentimental.  We bought it our first Memorial Day out here in Omaha.  It made our day seem a little happier, brighter and family-er that day Landon stuffed it in the back of our little black Honda.  It was an easy way to pass a hot summer day or an indoor imagination provider over the past 2 years.  We won't really have time to play with it before we move in May and are starting to outgrow the little thing.  The fall weather is settling in and our 2 bedroom home is getting a little crowded, I am sorry you didn't survive the cut, goodbye little wading pool!  Thank you for the endless hours of entertainment you brought to us! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Little Sidaroo

I am in love with this baby stage!  Everyday seems to bring on something new that this little one is doing.  She is such a joy to have around.

  • Is grabbing at everything in front of her.  Kinnie and Andrew think it is especially funny when she is grabbing at their bedtime story while she sits on my lap.  I think its funny when she grabs at my water bottle like she knows exactly what she is going to do with it.
  • Thinks Kinnie and Andrew are the greatest things ever.  She watches them and laughs at the funny things they do to make her laugh.  
  • Grabs her toes and has started to suck on them.
  • Found a love for binkies, I finally found one that she liked.  She still sticks her thumb in every once in awhile but mostly just chews on it instead of using it to soothe herself.
  • Is our most petite baby for sure.  She gained just under 2 lbs from her 2 month check-up to her 4 month check-up weighing 13 lbs 10 oz.  She is 95th percentile for height though.
  • Is definitely the 3rd child.  So far there has been no point to get her on a napping schedule since we seem to be going here and there all of the time.
  • Is sensitive to new situations and loud noises.
  • Covers her eyes with the back of her hand while she nurses and when she is being bounced or rocked likes to put her fingers on our mouth.  She likes something to hold onto when she is tired, usually a finger or her little elephant blanket.
  • Likes to take her binky out and look at it and put it back in, she is getting better at actually getting it back into her mouth:)
  • Is so ticklish, just about everywhere!
  • Gets a lot of comments on her dimples.   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Andrew at 3 months (little chunk)!

Sidney (Almost 4 months old)

Kinnie (4 months old)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


This dress Kinnie wore on her birthday reminded me of...

 this shirt she wore the summer before she turned one.

How has 5 years gone by already?!  

is an amazing big sister, who continues to learn patience with her little brother

is a big help to Sidney, getting her binky for her or a dropped toy, holding her while I work on dinner

is a fast learner and so excited when she learns something new

is still shy, and sensitive, and cautious

is planning on being a mommy, an artist, and a dentist when she grows up.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's My Party...

I don't think it gets better than this...

Kinnie will officially be 5 at 3:14 am.  We had a fun birthday party today with her friends.  She wanted a princess party and wanted everyone to come dressed up.  So I gave her a "royal" party and we told her friends to come dressed as a princess, prince, frog, dragon, knight or whatever they wanted.  We played pin the flag on the castle tower, princess-princess-dragon, and they painted on their own little canvas.  

They asked what the prize was for winning pin the flag on the castle tower and I told them that they just win:)  Here they are shouting "Addy won!"

Princess-princess-dragon.  Pretty cute!

She loved every second of her party.  I am so glad (and relieved) that she had a good time.  She was a happy girl and had so much fun with her cute little friends.  I think she is going to have a pretty good year being 5, it is such an exciting age.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kinnie goes to Preschool

Kinnie started preschool yesterday, at a "real" preschool.  She was so excited.  I know how that first day can go with excited children, nervous children, scared out of their mind children, and teachers trying to accommodate it all.  It can get hectic but Kinnie's own excitement made me a little bit more calm, knowing that she was ready.  Her preschool used to be an old firehouse which is pretty cool!    

 Her cubby

And of course having two of her best friends in her class had nothing to do with her excitement :)  I think these girls are going to have a great year together. 

(Andrew actually started a little joy school yesterday too.  I was more nervous about that then I was for Kinnie being gone for a few hours.  He is so shy and reserved that I knew it probably wouldn't go over to well...and it didn't.  But I have hope that it will be for the best!)