Monday, April 26, 2010

He Did It!

Landon ran his first half-marathon on Saturday down at Thanksgiving Point! I was so excited to go and watch him cross the finish line and actually see him accomplish what he has been training for for the last couple of months.

Here is Kinnie ready to cheer him on down the finishing stretch.

Here he comes! #210. It was so motivating to see all of the participants finishing the 13.1 mile race, especially him. It really made me want to train for one. It was neat to think of all of the different kinds of people doing it. Some were young, some were old, some ran it really fast, others really slow, but they all were accomplishing something whether it was easy for them or hard for them.

Landon and his sister Sara. She had done her first one back in the fall and asked Landon if he wanted to do this one with her. It was neat that they were able to do it together.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Updates

  • She loves to paint, with her paintbrush or with her hands.
  • She will say "I wuv you" and I will respond "I love you too" and she will say "Wuv you too mommy."
  • She is talking non-stop. Everyone thinks she is so quiet because she is so shy but she is always talking at home. Lately she says "okay" in a teenager sort of tone. For example, she wanted some brownies right before bed and I told her she could have a really big piece the next day and she said "okay" all put out. A few weeks ago she would ask me something and I would answer and she would say "oh, cause why?" Luckily that didn't last too long.
  • She says she can't say her prayers yet because she doesn't have enough teeth. For some reason she has always had this excuse that when she has more teeth she will be able to do this or that. So Landon and I say the prayer.
  • She really likes to get dressed all by herself. She is pretty good at it but occasionally needs help with her shirt sleeves. She gets really mad if I try to help. Sometimes when she is frustrated with getting dressed, or I am busy doing something around the house and she is just kind of bored she says "Mice can't do everysing aw by mysewf."


  • He is officially moving! Notice I did not say crawling. It is the variation of crawling called the army crawl. It is kind of nice though because he is just barely figuring it out. So I don't have to worry too much about him getting into things yet. I am sure he will master it all too soon.
  • He still prefers standing holding onto something. He really loves to stand and who knows, he may walk before he ever really masters crawling.
  • He is a tender little guy. A couple of weeks ago Landon was just playing with him and he said "boo" louder then usual. Andrew jumped, got the saddest little face and cried for a few minutes. He would start to get calm and Landon would say "sorry buddy" and he would start crying again.
  • He has always loved playing with my hair when he is tired. A few months ago he started rubbing my left eyelashes. He was sitting next to one of Kinnie's dolls that has eyelashes the other day and kept playing with them. It cracked me up.

Landon has been training for a half marathon that is coming up this next weekend. I can't believe how much he has been running to get ready for it. To go from running just a few miles a couple of months ago to now 13 miles amazes me! He has been so diligent in his training. I don't know that when his sister asked him to do it with her that he really thought he would do it, but he did it and it is finally (almost) here.

Sometimes in the evening I look at our house and I wonder if I will ever get it put back together again. Sometimes it looks worse then it actually is and sometimes it takes longer to clean up then I thought it would but I always feel good going to bed with a tidy house. I finally am nearing the end of a painting I started, oh, about 10 months ago of an alphabet chart for Kinnie and Andrew's room. It sat untouched for about 6 months but I finally pulled it out and I am determined to finish it within the next week. Someone once told me when I first had Andrew that when he got to be about 3 months I would have the hang of things, I think it took me a little longer.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun in a Tent

My mom stopped by on her way home yesterday to say hello. Kinnie wanted to show her how we make a tent so we made it. Kinnie wanted Andrew to come in so she could show "magga" how she "reads" to Andrew. Andrew was getting a kick out of it which made us all laugh!