Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kinnie Runs a Half Mile

We went to Landon's little sister's soccer game tonight (she did amazing and they won)! It was a fun game with a final score 5 to 4. Kinnie decided to run around the track, the whole track, two times. A whole half mile! Grandma carried her for maybe the last quarter of the way. It was cute to watch her little body all the way at the far end of the track bobbing up and down as she ran. She is a determined little girl when she has her mind set on something, and this is one thing she wanted to do. I love how determined she can be. If only I was half as determined as she is. I can be determined, it is just the getting going part that can sometimes be hard. It always feel great to get things done so why is it so hard to get going sometimes? We got out today on a long walk, something I have been thinking of doing and finally did and it was so nice. Sometimes I worry too much about doing the everyday things like laundry and dishes and cleaning that I forget to do the really fun, meaningful, or simple things.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blessing and 2!!

We had a very eventful couple of days on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday Landon blessed Andrew. We joked that we couldn't wait another month because Andrew would be too heavy. Well that and I would have had to exchange his blessing outfit for a larger size. Landon did a great job, so did Andrew. We had a little get together afterwards at Landon's parent's house. All of our family was there to support us and we were so thankful that everyone could come.

The babe...2 months old now! He is such a happy baby and is always ready to smile. I can't imagine our family without him. We are in love with our baby boy!

On Monday Kinnie turned 2!!!!

It is hard to believe that she is 2 already. Where did that last year go? She brings so much joy and happiness into our home. It is so fun to watch her personality grow as she experiences new things. She has a great imagination and plays so well. She loves to pretend and take care of her baby dolls. She is a wonderful big sister and adores her little brother. She loves Elmo and Barney. She loves to help around the house and helps me with Andrew. I still can't get enough of her!

We started out the day by going to Grandpa and Grandma Bruschke's house to visit and open her gift from them. She was very excited to open her first gift.

Then we took her to The Living Planet Aquarium. She loved it, a little timid with the crowds, but she was pretty fascinated by it. She loved the "Nemo" fish and the really big fish. This is her "cheese" smile.

Looking at the tank of Sting Ray. Perhaps a nervous pick of the lip. She started the habit a few weeks ago...

Kinnie's birthday is special because she shares it with her Grandpa Bell. We went over to Grandpa and Grandma Bell's house for a BBQ to celebrate her birthday along with Grandpa, and Grandma whose birthday is the day after Kinnie's. Cutting the cake with her birthday buddy.

Opening presents, (we did a little last minute shopping at the aquarium).